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Dr. Ruthanne Chun
University of Wisconsin


Each day, we receive many emails and phone calls from pet owners who are searching for assistance in one way or another.  Sometimes their pet was recently diagnosed with cancer, at other times their local veterinarian has suggested that cancer is a very strong possibility in their pet.  While many local veterinarians will refer the pet owner to a specialist in the area, some may not be aware of that option.  VCS encourages you to have your pet evaluated and diagnosed by a veterinarian who is board-certified, i.e. specializes, in oncology.  This webpage is designed to help you locate veterinarians with a unique interest in cancer diagnosis and treatment, and includes members of the Veterinary Cancer Society.  To seek a board-certified oncologist, you must select the checkbox for that criterion to limit your search to those results (see details below).  A more general search will also return specialists board-certified in other areas such as internal medicine and surgery, as well as general practitioners who include cancer care in their practice.

There are approximately thirty veterinary colleges in the United States, several in Canada, and many more across the world.  These schools typically have a teaching hospital associated with the Veterinary School and most, if not all, have an oncology specialty practice that will diagnose and treat dogs and cats with cancer.  In some cases, your veterinarian will have to refer you to the University’s veterinary clinic or hospital in order for you to make an appointment.  To find a list of Colleges and Universities that have a Veterinary School in the United States or Canada, click here: US and Canada Vet School Hospitals and Clinics.

VCS also makes it easy for you to find an oncology specialist in your area through our membership database.  By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to an Individual Directory Search page.  Once on that page, enter only your state, or country if you are outside the US, and then click on the box that says “BOARD CERTIFIED ONCOLOGIST.”  Finally, click on the SEARCH button at the bottom of the page.  You will automatically receive a list of our current board certified members in your state.  You can then look through the list to determine who may be readily accessible to you or determine how far you are willing to travel for treatment.  You should expect that they will want to evaluate your pet in order to recommend treatment options, as it is not legal to give medical advice without an appropriate relationship with an owner and pet.  Also know that there may be other veterinary oncologists in your area, however, unless they are a member of VCS, they will not show up in this listing.

Dr. Jaime Modiano University of Minnesota

Dr. Jaime Modiano
University of Minnesota

In some rare cases, you may find that there are no VCS member professionals in your area.  If you are unable to locate a VCS member oncologist in your state or country, we suggest that you look in adjoining states or countries to see if one is available to you there.