Dr. Lisa Parshley Program Chair

Dr. Lisa Parshley
Program Chair

Hail VCS members and interested conference attendees. We will be traveling north to the fair state of Alaska for our 2018 mid-year meeting. Our meeting will be situated in downtown Anchorage. From this excellent venue we will be within walking distance of the shopping and restaurant district of Anchorage.

The focus of our meeting will be immunotherapy. It is a topic that encompasses many avenues of research including the search for effective targeted drug delivery and direct anticancer responses by the immune system. We already have a history of stimulating an anticancer response using cancer vaccines. Successes and failures of immunotherapy has helped accumulate a better understanding and manipulation of the immune system against cancer.

In many ways, this is one of the most active and exciting avenues of cancer research. During the 2018 mid-year meeting we plan on thoroughly exploring this topic though state of the art lectures mixed with scientific abstracts and key note lectures.

Our conference setting allows the attendees to explore the culture of downtown Anchorage. On Monday night, our banquet will provide a taste of local seafood and delicacies. Our chosen banquet venue, the Alaskan Native Heritage Center, will offer a glimpse of Alaskan history and culture.

We are very excited about both the topic and location of the 2018 mid-year meeting. Please stay tuned for more updates including a complete list of educational presentations.

We look forward to seeing you in Anchorage in March of 2018!