Loved By Julissa, Curtis, Isabella and Yeseria Topham

Remembering Tesoro

One day, my family and I were watching “Dogs 101”. The featured breed of the week was the Briard. I fell in love with the look and gentle nature of the breed. I told my husband that a Briard will be my next pet. After many phone calls and hours of research, I found a breeder close to us. A month or so later, we went to pick up our sweet puppy. The breeder was carrying her and said “here is the puppy”. My husband, two girls and I all said at the same time…. “THAT’S THE PUPPY”. We’ve never seen a puppy that huge before.

Tesoro gave us four years of love, friendship, loyalty, happiness and so much more. When my husband went to work and the girls went to school, Tesoro and I would eat lunch and watch TV together. It broke our hearts to have lost her to Leukemia at such a young age. She was a ball of love and fluff!

We pray that someday cancer is a thing of the past and not the killer monster that’s destroying families.