Loved By The McCarthy's

Remembering Winston

Our black lab Winston sadly passed away after a discovery of a pericardial tumor on December 22nd. From diagnosis to death he was with us only 3 more days. Winston was nearly 10 years old and was literally the sweetest boy that existed. We got Winston as a puppy at 8 weeks old. He was a dog for people who loved dogs, and he was a dog for those who didn’t love or even like dogs. His specialty was winning over someone who was unsure about dogs or maybe was scared of dogs. Winston was a graduate from the Canine Cognition center at Yale University and was a participant in several of the studies during his time there. Winston loved attention more than anything. We were fortunate enough to get to bring him to work with us at our Pilates studio, located inside a boutique gym in New Haven, every day of his life. He never was alone. And when he’d enter the gym he’d make sure to greet each and every person he saw. In his time on this planet he touched so many people’s lives. Sometimes when we would be walking someone would call out “HEY WINSTON”. Someone I could be sure neither my wife or I had ever met. But, that was Winston. Always happy, always excited to make a new friend. He will be forever missed but never forgotten.