Loved By Kimberly Lopes

Remembering Stewie

Stewie truly led his best cat life. He lived at the end of a quiet street with a big fields and woods to keep him occupied. He was loved by the neighbors and considered their barn his second home. He was feared by all rodents and brought many a mouse and vole home.

In January 2019 when he was nine, he was diagnosed with lymphoma and we were devastated. We hoped he could have one more spring and summer to rule his neighborhood. Luckily for us Stewie was treated by Dr. Gill and her team (Laura and Carrie primarily) at Maine Vet Medical Center in Maine. With their amazing care he not only made it through his first summer but had 3 more years of a happy and active life.

We are so lucky we had access to great medicine and caregivers. His doctor and her team made our many visits stress free as we could trust they were doing their best for him. Even on grumpy days, I know Stewie felt it too.

We miss him so much but are happy we had him in our lives.