Loved By Her Dad and Mom, Pat and Sue Hafner

Remembering Sophie

Our Beautiful Sophie

It is hard to breathe and think about you, we will miss you forever. Sophie was about 3 years old when we signed the papers we thought would make her ours, but it was clear from the first day, yep, it was her way! We learned to obey and follow!

THE MOFF (her nickname) had a signature move called The Upsey that consisted of stretching over her dads shoulder, and going for walks. She tricked him to comply, by following him around and opening her mouth as though she was telling him it is time for my ride dad. Sophie’s limitless spirit and get-up-and-go personality, a burst of flight around the kitchen island showing off at mach speed, her morning wake up whisker nudge on our cheek leaves an empty hole in our hearts and home.

When she started rubbing her mouth, we discovered a pin sized bump after taking her to a local veterinarian the diagnosis was squamous cell carcinoma. We immediately consulted with Summit Veterinary Referral Center, and with the help and guidance of Dr. Sarah Gillings, and her referrals, we chose procedures on both sides of Washington State. With the support of a feeding tube and meds, we sincerely hope we gave Sophie’s precious life every chance.

The knowledge Dr. Sarah Gillings and her colleagues at Summit Veterinary Referral Center gave was meaningful and heartfelt.

Our hearts ache tremendously for Sophie’s company. We will love her forever.