Loved By Paul and Cindy Gardner-Gillespie

Remembering Snowflake

Pets come and go with a family having 7 kids!! We’ve had a lot of pets!! All make their mark on your heart if you’re an animal lover as we all are. This pet was down right the One dog none of us will forget.😢

Snowflake ❄️ our Siberian Silvertip Husky came to our youngest son Alex when he was 5 from Santa. Tho she was always considered the family dog. At just 3mths old, it was snowing, she pulled the kids on a disk sled then 5 & 7 all the way to the store  several blocks away!! We should of known then what a lover and a worker dog she would be!!

We own Cinde’s Best Trees Of GigHarbor & PortOrchard. She LIVED for tree season each yr!! From the building of the tree racks to alllllll the little hands (customers children) that stroked that fur for 12 yrs!! She learned to open tiny 3in.  candy canes(meant for children)from the wrapper with those Big Paws 🐾 At times we’d have to put out a sign “sorry~No more candy canes today for Snowflake❄😢” She fought many a raccoon during the nite that took refuge in our tree storage, lol. I & many a customer surely has many many more stories of this sweet smart Christmas Gift of a Dog. We miss her terribly still… it’s been 3 mths. She won’t be helping me at the Gig Harbor Tree Lot this yr as she went back home.. to Christ. I DO believe that for a pet, anyone’s pet,  that loves so unconditionally… of course we will see them again as they are with their creator, same as ours, Christ🙏❄
R.I.P. Princess Snowflake of Indiogo Blue-Skye

Many thanks to Dr. Gillings as she did a terrific job of taking care of Everyone’s “Flake”

Cinde’ Gillespie & The Entire Staff
CindesBestTrees 🎄❄