Loved By Dunevant family

Remembering Lola

Lola was our dog who always “followed her nose”, kept us on our toes, howled as if she was talking to us, and stayed a puppy for her entire life! She came into our lives as a puppy one year before our six year old twins were born, and they all grew up together. There were many late night bathroom trips subsequent to my husband’s headlamp led searches in the woods and many many pounds of turkey snatched from the counter when I turned my back. She lived the life she loved and represents to me the true essence of “love of life.”

We will forever look at the meadow grasses behind our house and see the “ghosts of lola” bounding towards us as my husband put it or watch our son run down his secret paths and know Lola, his “sidekick”, showed them to him in her last months. We are forever grateful to Dr. Mallett and all of the doctors and professionals who treated Lola, allowing us to love her just a little deeper for a little longer.