Loved By Sabrina Andreucci

Remembering Kota

Kota was truly my soulmate. He loved everything that I did.  I first got Kota for a guy I use to date, but Kota and I became so bonded, that he ended up staying with me for the rest of his life.  He enjoyed the quiet just like me. We don’t like change, so Kota was very nervous with new surroundings with too many people that he didn’t know. But he sure did love wide open spaces with room to run. He loved to run with his brother, a Boykin Spaniel named Skiff.  He loved the morning time and trips to the coffee shop everyday for a biscuit. He loved going to daycare to see all of his friends and coming home to sit in his favorite chair.  We both loved sunbathing in the backyard away from crowds at the beach.  Although I’m sure the neighbors didn’t appreciate it, he loved to fence fight with her dogs everyday. We both had IBD and struggled together. His favorite food was chicken, and although he couldn’t have it because of his tummy, I’d slip him some every once in awhile because he was such a good boy.  Once Kota was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma in early August. I began chemo, an anti-cancer diet, and Apocaps.  I know that without this and a positive attitude, Kota would not have felt as good as he did.

Kota also loved to hike in the woods with me. Our last trip together was in Waynesville, North Carolina. We hiked Max Patch and some other trails that were on the property where we stayed.

Kota went to be with his brother, Skiff in heaven on September 14, 2020.  I still cry over him everyday, but I know that he is waiting for me with Skiff.