Loved By Margaret Woodside

Remembering Joules

My beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog, Joules, came into my life when she was two years old through her breeder who decided she wanted Joules to have a forever home where she would receive the love and care she deserved. Joules had never been inside a home in her life but always kept in a kennel with older dogs. She was very scared at first and we were always on guard, keeping a close watch on her and carefully holding onto her leash. We reassured her that everything was okay, and she was loved. Gradually she began to trust us, leaning up against us letting us know she understood and trusted us. People would always want to know what breed she was and reach out to pet her. Joules would patiently stand quietly and let them touch her. Joules made two remarkable moves with us to two different new homes, as unsettling as that is, she trusted us that everything was going to be okay. She flew calmly on airplanes, took many walks, enjoyed times at the dog park and especially loved riding in our car, even a quick trip to the store thrilled her. Her greatest joy was when it snowed. She would jump for joy, dash around in it or just snuggle down into a pile of it.

We lost our sweet gentle girl just a week after her cancer diagnosis was confirmed by Dr. Gillings at Summit Veterinary Referral Center. She had just turned seven. She was so brave and stayed with me as long as she could. She brought sweetness, gentleness, patience, beauty and joy to everyone who had the good fortune to meet her. She is loved forever.