Loved By Lyn and Craig Peters

Remembering Joe

Who knew a chance encounter during a walk in a park would result in the love of a lifetime? We were Joe’s  3rd or 4th home in his first two years. I promised we’d be his last. Joe made me a Dog Mom. He made me a better person. He was my Soul Pup. He was immeasurably patient with his little sister, Lana, adopted three years into his life with us. They became inseparable. Life was best when the whole pack was together – Mom, Dad, Lana and Joe – at home or a favorite SniffSpot. Spring days, rolling in the grass followed by a Starbucks breakfast sandwich and a pizzle at home were the best. Aug. 2020, “The Big C” popped up. It rocked our family. Plasmacytoma. Insidious bugger. Joe, who hated vet visits but LOVED his vets and vet techs, was a rock. He fought it for 2+ years. He had two toes removed and endured three different chemo treatments. I promised him when there are more bad days than good days, I would let him go. Those bad days came suddenly, just before Christmas 2022. By New Year’s 2023, he was in pain and declining. We made sure he had the best last day, Jan. 6, 2023 – sleeping in, a SniffSpot, his favorite drive through Pt. Defiance, DQ chicken chunks and plenty of soft blankets and wonder beds. Saying farewell at home was a blessing, but holding my boy as he crossed the rainbow bridge tore a hole in my heart and soul like I’ve never experienced. For 8 ½ years, this boy was the light of my life. He got me through my darkest days and was the highlight of my best days. Mommy loves you with all my heart, Baby Boy – always and forever.