Loved By Barb Clark

Remembering Jaguar

Jaguar recently passed away on February 4, 2021 from lung cancer at the early age of eleven. Until he was diagnosed on Jan. 7th, my sweet, sleek Black kitty was playing with the new kitten and another brother. He was running around the house for fun, sitting in his favorite windows, watching the birds and sleeping next to me. Jaguar was a fun guy. He played hard until it was time to relax in the window or his favorite bed. Some cats are boss—Jaguar was boss or so he thought. He would hide behind things and when the other cats came by–poof Jaguar came out!!! He was a quiet sole with a little meow which he used to get pets. At a very early age it became apparent Jag had a heart murmur. He did fine with that. In the end, my big precious buddy went fast. I have heard that Lung Cancer is pretty fatal. We tried cancer drugs which I am glad that we did. We tried everything, but that darn cancer won. One wonders how these lovely cats get cancer. What I do know is Jaguar enjoyed his life and lived it fully. He was loved to the fullest!!!