Loved By Russ and Joanne Weber

Remembering Holly

I first met my dear four-legged friend and companion 15 years ago at the SPCA. She was previously abandoned, unnamed, and had not been in a home. 

However, her big brown eyes captured my heart, and we were on our way home. I wasn’t sure what to name her, but after hearing she was born around Christmas I immediately thought of Holly. 

Holly was rambunctious and wasn’t interested in being much of a house pet, so she got me walking. I quickly found out she was also a lover of toys, whether they were for her or not. 

It was during our many walks that I noticed she was stopping more frequently, so we visited our vet. After many tests and evaluations, she was diagnosed with cancer. We had wonderful care from Dr. Lewis, but after 16 months, Holly wasn’t able to take those walks and we knew it was time. She never lost that attitude and jovial personality, but her body couldn’t keep up with her. Holly passed away in my arms. 

As sad as we are at her passing, we are eternally grateful to the care and wonderful quality of life Holly received.