Loved By Joe and Michelle Sparto

Remembering Frosty

Frosty was rescued in the spring of 2010 after being discovered in a bad snowstorm. He was given the name Frosty by the local shelter due to his ears being frostbitten from the cold. At first Frosty was terrified of everyone but with the help from the animal behavioral department at Purdue University, Frosty was able to come out of his shell. Frosty’s biggest breakthrough was when he started playing with dog toys with our other dogs, Webster, Mischief, and Tank. After that, we were able to walk him on daily walks and to the beach several times a year for vacation. Frosty had finally found his forever home.

In the spring of 2018 it was discovered that Frosty had a mass growing on his liver. The vet was able to remove the benign mass and Frosty began to see Dr. Lewis at Milford Vet Oncology to monitor his liver. In the winter of 2020 the mass had begun to grow back and was removed again. This time a second mass was discovered on another portion of his liver. Dr. Lewis put Frosty on a chemo medicine called Palladia. In March 2022 Dr. Lewis gave us the bad news that the Palladia was no longer working. On May 16 Angel’s Paws animal hospice came out to help him pass away at his favorite spot on our back patio. He was surrounded by his family with the wind blowing in his face. RIP Frosty, you are missed.