Loved By Gene and Ellen Saenger, Jr.

Remembering Coulter

My sweet, precious, trusting little girl, Coulter, my “other wife” who loves me unconditionally, sadly, she has been claimed by VERY aggressive lymphoma. Diagnosed in mid-March, three different forms of chemo had NO effect. She stopped eating and drinking ANYTHING on 4/29 and we made the difficult decision to have her euthanized on 5/4.  7 short, short weeks!

Coulter was ABSOLUTELY THE BEST Pet it has ever been my privilege to provide care for. It was truly a special honor. We have had 10 dogs; 9 of them were good pets. But Coulter, she was SPECTACULAR. EXCEPTIONAL. PERFECT!  Other than THE Baroness, she was my BEST FRIEND & companion. She went so many places with me; a car ride was preferable to anything short of eating. She was a prancer when she walked. Wonderful sight to see. Tail always wagging; a happy girl!  Such a magnificent, lovely, creature. Being with me as much as possible was what gave her joy in life.

At age 12.5 +++ that she is gone is not a surprise; but the SUDDENNESS of her parting, THAT IS!!! I’ll say it: Hurts so bad. Just two Tuesdays ago we were @ City BBQ mooching brisket snack. The following Monday she was still wagging her tail and not totally unhappy – outwardly, bad as she felt. Not knowing what was coming, either. But she was wasting away and faded fast, each day, after wake-up. And she degenerated into such skin and bones. Had she been eating she might still be with us for a while longer. Force feeding was not an option. But to the end her spirit was so positive.

She was always THRILLED to see me each morning; we grabbed a nap together almost every afternoon. No other dog we’ve had has been like this. Our life was having FUN together. Every night, particularly during this Quarantine, but it was really EVERY NIGHT for years, after dinner we’d all sit on the couch, THE Baroness, then Coulter, then me, then the other two dogs, and watch TV. Coulter squeezed up extra tight against me! Head on my knee. I was glad anytime to care for her, hold her, clutch her, HUG her TIGHT, especially the last few days, 2 of which she had to spend in the doggie hospital. She was so happy to see me when I visited there, and so confused, crestfallen, when I had to leave. I’m glad I got to do this for her, but it was NO FUN. It was just what you do for a dear friend. We got more FROM Coulter than we ever could give her in return, and she was treated to steak, lobster, shrimp, chicken, toys, rubs, kisses, hugs, trips and adventures galore. Thank you, God, for giving the world dogs and especially for giving us Coulter!

We brought her home for the last time on Saturday, 5/2. On Sunday we decided if she didn’t eat on Monday, that was it; best interest for her. On Monday her lymph nodes were huge and hard as marbles. The accompanying picture shows her as she was, and on her last morning. Such a pretty, sweet girl. I miss her so much. Thank you, pet lovers. I know you love all your pets, as we love and have loved all of ours. But honest, no pet has ever been as wonderful to me as Coulter was. Her memory will live with me forever. We were truly blessed to have known each other.