Loved By Wilchacky family

Remembering Bucky

From the day that Bucky came home with us as a pup in November 2011, he got into our hearts like no other dog could have ever done. Bucky was a Cavachon and he was our first dog for the Wilchacky family of Royersford, PA.  He treasured everything about his life with us. Especially his walks, his treats and seeing his best dog buddy Truman next door. He also loved watching over our house, riding in the car with us everywhere and showing off some of the most athletic dog moves you’ll ever see. The “Buckster” adored our kids Ben and Lauren and he came to know and touch nearly every one of our friends and extended family like he was their own. The most important person in his life was his mommy, Elisa. Bucky loved her so much and he became part of nearly everything she did in her daily routine. When she wasn’t home, he’d wait patiently on the staircase or in his daddy’s office until he heard that door open and he knew she was back to be with him. It became a habit that the first thing we’d do whenever we walked in that door was to call his name and enjoy his excitement. We didn’t take Bucky for granted for a single day, because we knew just how special he was and how lucky we were to have him. We always put his care ahead of everything and now we hope to give something back in his memory to help some other great dogs who will face cancer as he did. We’ll never forget our Bucky boy with his sweet face and the charm that made him so easy to connect with. Bucky, we’re so grateful for all of the love you gave us and for the chance to love you back every day of your life. You were a gift and you’ll stay with us in our hearts forever.