Loved By Susan & Scott

Remembering Bernie

Bernie enjoyed life and he brought Scott and I and many other peoples lives he touched so much joy and happiness.  Bernie was always so happy, silly almost. He loved the woods and the beach.  Bernie loved playing frisbee and running after squirrel and deer. He also loved to chase sand pipers at the beach.  Just shy of Bernie’s 13th birthday he was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  We were told this cancer could move quickly so we made the decision to treat and that’s how we met the wonderful people at AVIM in Columbia Md. This diagnoses never slowed Bernie down. He enjoyed 2 more trips to the beach and 2 more birthdays.  Shortly after Bernie’s 15th birthday we realized he’s bright eyes were tired. Plus I promised him when his quality of life was just not the same we would let him go be with Kenia, Streak, Emerson, Auggie, Bart, Bryce and all his other life long buddies.

Bernie was my Best Friend!  Thank you for giving us so much and asking for so little in return.  We miss you so much but we will see you again.