Loved By Pat and Rob Shaw

Remembering Baxter

We knew Baxter was special right away in that he flew PetAir from Missouri to Ohio at the early age of 6 weeks. Starting with a family whose mom was a travel agent, this didn’t seem to out of the ordinary. Baxter was our sweet, loyal fur baby. When we would arrive home from work, he was at the window waiting for us and upon entering the door his tail wagged a million times a minute. He sure made his humans feel loved. He loved car/truck rides to the park or anywhere for that matter. All you had to do was put your shoes on and he was right there staring into your eyes with his big beautiful brown eyes longing to go. 95% of the time he won out. When his mom would walk down the long driveway to get the mail, he would be ready for her trip back and run so fast to greet her. He sure made his humans feel loved. Baxter had an independent side and we always thought perhaps he was part kitty. He would sleep on the back of the couch and when you would call his name, most times, he would just stare at you as if saying “nope, thanks. I’ll just stay right here”.

In April 2022, at the age of 14, things changed, and he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. We wanted to have him remain with us as long as possible, if HE was willing, so we started chemo. His first dose when fine but with the second dose, he decided it was too much for him and stopped eating. We decided to let him go on his own time but after a few days we could not bear to see him suffer any longer. He crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, thanks to Angels Paws who came to our home. Our hearts are still breaking but know he is happy and without pain now. And, without a doubt, he left his humans feeling so much love.