One Health Commission


The One Health Commission is a prominent, international body of unified, action-oriented, One Health-minded individuals and organizations. The One Health Commission promotes interdisciplinary collaborations and is focused on facilitating interactions and opportunities among human health, animal health and global ecosystem health sectors.

Dr. Cheryl London

In late 2016, VCS joined the One Health Commission as an Institutional Sponsor and Dr. Cheryl London has agreed to serve as our representative. The decision to join was a direct result of our strategic planning meeting that allowed us to develop several initiatives including increasing our visibility in and contribution to translational cancer research.

The programs and actions of the One Health Commission are designed and intended to support and advance the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, the U.S. Global Health Security Agenda, and the Rockefeller Foundation-Lancet Commission on Planetary Health Report. The Commission focuses on the following:


  • Facilitation/Collaboration: One Health Commission participants from academic institutions, non-profit and private sector organizations can connect to support One Health actions across animal, eco-system and human health from local grassroots levels to national and international stages.
  • Education: The One Health Commission works to provide education to the scientific and public communities, and provides a platform and support for organizations to conduct international One Health education events for a target audience.
  • Future Leaders: By creating opportunities for students in various public and academic sectors, the One Health Com-mission positions them for future intern-ship and employment opportunities, so that they can lead future One Health conversations.

As VCS’s participation in the One Health Commission progresses we will continue to share information and ideas with our members through this webpage.

For more information on the One Health Commission, view a webinar found at this link: