Pet Memorials

The Veterinary Cancer Society is proud to share the stories of the many people whose pet received wonderful treatment from one of our VCS members.  Many of our doctors often make a donation to VCS on behalf of the pets that they have treated.  In other cases, pet owners have made donations to VCS in honor of the oncologist who treated their pet.  We thank all them all for the donations which allows us to provide educational opportunities for our members each year.

Below you will find a wonderful story about an amazing pet, shared by the owners, who has sadly lost their battle with cancer.



ChicoRemembering Chico

Loved By Gina Cox

I’m still in shock, I can’t believe you’re gone.  Losing you was totally unexpected.  You were taken so quickly by liver cancer.  The cancer meds didn’t have a chance to work (we sure tried)!  You were such a trooper while you were sick, trying to be strong for Mommy.

I’m thankful for having you for 9 years.  You were there for me through my divorce, death of my Mom and every other bad day or moment I’ve ever had.  You truly knew when I was sad, mad, stressed, happy, scratching at my legs for me to pick you up, you were my little stress reliever!  I was fortunate to be there when you first opened your eyes and imprinted on me (a feeling I will never forget) and there when you took your last breath.  You gave us a little over 9 years of HAPPY memories which is not near enough!  We’ll miss your high pitch bark when Daddy got home, keeping guard at night, ‘keeping the peace’, watching you play with your brother, plastic bags, car rides and walks in the stroller.  You were ALWAYS at my side, ALWAYS watching me.  Things, and my life, will never be the same again.

When you left you took a huge chunk of my heart with you.  You were by far one of the BEST parts of my life that can never be replaced.  We want you here with us and you left us way too soon.  You were so loved all your years!  Your paw prints will forever be on our hearts.  We will be together again.  We love you and miss you so very much, our sweet Chico.  I couldn’t have asked for a better fur-baby.  R.I.P our sweet boy.



Pets Honored with Memorial Donations in the 1st Quarter 2017

Honoring these beloved pets who have touched our lives. The Veterinary Cancer Society is devoted to improving the treatment of cancer in small animals.

Donor: Dr. Sarah Gillings &
Dr. Vanessa Rizzo
Summit Veterinary Referral Center

In memory of Bailey
Loved by Janie & Terry O’Donnell

In memory of Joseph
Loved by Jeff & Carrie Morton

In memory of Shimmer
Loved by Sue Orlicky

In memory of Boo
Loved by Mark Compton & Jennifer Derr

In memory of Starz
Loved by Sally Murphy & Kay Sandvig

In memory of Titan
Loved by Michael Green & Linda Price

In memory of Emmett
Loved by Brian & Kelly Nelson

Donor: Dr. Mollyann Holland & Dr. Kimberly Reeds
Holland’s Veterinary Referral Hospital

In memory of Sugar Belle
Loved by Stephen Copey

In memory of Chico
Loved by Gina Cox

In memory of Boomer
Loved by Sean & Jennifer Burnside

In memory of Mickey
Loved by DeAnn Mobley

In memory of Tank
Loved by Dr. Stacey & Otis Foshee

In memory of Isabella
Loved by Joseph & Whitney Cole

In memory of Oskar
Loved by Joe Crosthwait

In memory of Jake
Loved by Jason & Leah Burke

Donor: Dr. Kevin Choy
Seattle Veterinary Specialists

In memory of Lucky
Loved by Garrick & Lisa Lo

In memory of GG
Loved by Larry & Vicki Clark

In memory of Annie
Loved by Kenneth & Patricia Falcone

In memory of Porter
Loved by Carter & Shannon Knowles

In memory of Stash
Loved by Scott & Patricia Burgess

In memory of Shep
Loved by Tyler & Alisha Brown

In memory of Sori
Loved by John & Beth McRae

In memory of Miu Miu
Loved by Paul DeMars & Miho Reed

In memory of Zoey
Loved by Dave Wheelock

In memory of Vador
Loved by Chris Zanassi

In memory of Parker
Loved by Andy & Cherise Johnson

In memory of Sammy
Loved by Jordonna Farias

In memory of Niki
Loved by Tim Dunn & Theresa Ward

In memory of Richmond
Loved by Teresa & Spencer Ford-Bishop

In memory of Frisket
Loved by Cody & Calee Sharff

In memory of Cheeseburger
Loved by David & Maria Dellett

In memory of Maximus
Loved by Tony Conner

In memory of Savannah
Loved by Karin Agosta

In memory of Shiraz
Loved by Meredith Atkins &
Ilya Bukshteyn

In memory of Buster
Loved by Scot Bird

In memory of Riley
Loved by Christy Howard

In memory of Scotty
Loved by Joseph & Hwa Norton

In memory of Angel
Loved by Vivian Peterson

In memory of Rodeo
Loved by Joan Patterson

In memory of Yuki
Loved by Valerie Webster &
Mark Whitcomb

In memory of Ollie
Loved by Theodore & Janet Tomita

In memory of Eye Witness
Loved by Allen Crain & Katie Henry

In memory of Mazzy
Loved by Rachel Whitting

In memory of Harry Potter
Loved by Andy Himberger &
Bethany Ionta

Donor: Dr. Cheryl Harris &
Dr. Rebekah Lewis
Veterinary Oncology & Referral Clinic

In memory of Soco
Loved by Rod Thompson

In memory of Baidyn
Loved by Rita Burroughs

In memory of Sophie
Loved by Linda Grant

In memory of Tito
Loved by Sylvia Johanning

In memory of Oscar
Loved by Cortney Caldwell

In memory of Banks
Loved by James & Jessica Loeb

In memory of Dasher
Loved by Billy & Heather DeBord

In memory of Thor
Loved by Andrew & Lauren Gosney

In memory of Princeston
Loved by John & Heather Baker

In memory of Bradley
Loved by John & Emily Vogerl

In memory of Daisy
Loved by Becky Sherwood

In memory of Pixie
Loved by Sherry Randall

In memory of Monk
Loved by Joshua Parsons

In memory of Monte
Loved by Mike & Kim Collins

In memory of Tweeter
Loved by Scott & Pam Heimlich

Donor: Dr. Lynda Beaver, Dr. Eric Boshoven and
Dr. Rachel Venable
Arizona Veterinary Oncology

In memory of El Gato
Loved by John Thilstead &
Donna Kusewitt

In memory of Elvis
Loved by Kara Mason

In memory of Jazz
Loved by James & Alberta Koehler

In memory of Mancha
Loved by Cosmo Torres &
Cindy Scarborough

In memory of Meatball
Loved by Aron Ziendt & Julie Fregien

In memory of Norman
Loved by Frank & Karen Mason

In memory of Pumpkin
Loved by Sherrell Miller

In memory of Rhianwe
Loved by Patrick Young

In memory of Rogan
Loved by Lynn Evans

In memory of Sky
Loved by Jennifer Case

In memory of Zoe
Loved by Lisa Gibbs

In memory of Bear
Loved by Mike & Darlene Sargent

In memory of Bella
Loved by Shaun Dubois

In memory of Bogey
Loved by Ryan & Lauren Mariano

In memory of Chloe
Loved by Randy & Carole Goins

In memory of Claude Monet
Loved by Kandy Tate

In memory of Colby Jack
Loved by Dr. Christi Benigni

In memory of Junior
Loved by Aaron Berg and Sandra Berg

In memory of Onyx
Loved by Crystal Davieu

In memory of Powder
Loved by George & Katie Willett

In memory of Sasha
Loved by Brad & Kelly Rushton

In memory of Stewie
Loved by Michael Mesarosh

In memory of Tag
Loved by Robbie & Tish Stephens

In memory of Tiger
Loved by Frank & Jenny Saylor

In memory of Zoe
Loved by Ken Willits & Karen Gilchrist

In memory of Benji
Loved by Shaun Breitman &
Rachel Morgenstern

In memory of Kitty
Loved by Annette Crouch

In memory of Honda
Loved by Matt & Mik Wilkens

Donor: Dr. Virginia Gill, Dr. Karin Wagner and Staff
Maine Veterinary Medical Center

In memory of Teague
Loved by Leslie Raber

In memory of Joshua
Loved by Peter & Ellen Wood

In memory of Duncan
Loved by the Burrows Family

Donor: Claudia McFadden
Carolina Veterinary Specialists

In memory of Piper and Barkley
Loved by Bob & Toni Cramutola

Donor: Joshua Henkin
In memory of Dulcie

Donor: Amy Patrick

In memory of Misha
Loved by Reagan Young

Donor: Craig Beles

In memory of Buck & Kaylee and
in honor of Dr. Kevin Choy for
his kind treatment of their pets.

Donor: Zack Beach

In memory of Toivo
Loved by the Schuder Family

Donor: Dr. Jaclyn Smith
and Staff
MedVet Chicago

In memory of Daniel
Loved by Krys Hansen

In memory of Oliver
Loved by Janice Mix

In memory of Frankie
Loved by Dino Kourelis

In memory of Marta
Loved by Lindsay Tyler

In memory of Sophie
Loved by Mary Darnell

In memory of Daphney
Loved by Whitney Gaylord

In memory of Judge Reinhold
Loved by Alicia Kraft

In memory of Mary
Loved by Edward Boss

In memory of Liam
Loved by Robert Zaborowski

In memory of Santino
Loved by Mary Legittino

In memory of Gypsy
Loved by Anthony Bigornia

In memory of Zeytin
Loved by Engin Yapici

In memory of Cosmo
Loved by Nicholas Allen

In memory of Miss Dakota
Loved by David Pallas

In memory of Tux
Loved by Marsha Turner

In memory of Kirby
Loved by Terry Komperda

In memory of Tiger
Loved by Christine Fransen

In memory of April
Loved by Glen Lusby

In memory of Beauty
Loved by Rodd Goldman

In memory of Harper
Loved by Michelle Kaicener

In memory of Jackson
Loved by Alyssa Peterson

In memory of Romeo
Loved by Carole Woods

In memory of Molly
Loved by Carol Etheridge

In memory of Dallas
Loved by Mike Tillman

In memory of Bird
Loved by Stephanie Brennan

In memory of Koko
Loved by Garry Eades

Donor: Beth Berkowitz

In memory of Lily
Loved by Fred Mogul &
Adrienne Teleki

Donor: Dr. Wesley Campbell
Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency Care

In memory of Gizmo
Loved by Brian & Leslie Pressman

In memory of Beans
Loved by Ashton & Frances Poole

In memory of Rumor
Loved by William & Andrea Matthews