The VTCS Workshop

NEW IN 2018!

The Technician workshop will begin on Thursday, October 18th at 1:00 pm with a cytology/hematology workshop for all registered technicians.  This workshop is included in the full conference registration fee this year.  When registering, you will be asked if you plan to attend.

Come and Get Your CE on in Louisville!

Hello to all the technicians of the Veterinary Cancer Society. This years conference will be held in the hometown of many influential people from the sports, entertainment, science and business worlds, A few of these examples include the sports figure Muhammad Ali, journalist Diane Sawyer and noted scientist Simon Flexner who was the first to describe Flexner-Wintersteiner rosettes, a characteristic finding in retinoblastoma. Louisville is home to the famous Churchill Downs which has hosted the Kentucky Derby since 1875; the World’s Championship Horse Show for American Saddlebreds and every other year is host to the Arabian Grand Nationals.For all you baseball fans, the Louisville Slugger baseball bat was first manufactured in 1884. Bourbon is king in Kentucky. And Louisville is no exception.The Kentucky Bourbon Train is a can’t miss for bourbon aficionados.

But let’s not forget the continuing education! The conference this year is being held at the Galt House, a beautiful historic hotel overlooking the Ohio river and we are planning an exceptional meeting. In the works so far are another cytology workshop, updates on USP 800 and communication. More to come so keep checking out the website.

Looking forward to seeing you in Louisville,

Kathi L. Smith, RVT, VTS (Oncology)