State of the Art Presentations

There will be just FOUR State of the Art (SOTA) presentations at the 2018 Annual Conference.  On April 1VCS will make a special call to members requesting submissions from those who wish to be considered for a 30 minute SOTA presentation.  The deadline for these submissions is May 15th.

WHAT IS A SOTA PRESENTATION AND WHO MAY APPLY:  You must be a current member of VCS to submit an abstract for SOTA consideration.  The purpose of these presentations are to allow more time for experts in their area of interest to present current research, thus allowing for a more complete “story” of the topic to be told. The talks, therefore, must include background information, what is currently known and being investigated about the topic, as well as the presenter’s own study or studies and thoughts regarding future directions.  These presentations are not meant simply to be extended abstract presentations, though original research may be part of the talk and an opportunity to share research findings within the framework of expert opinion.  These talks will typically be given by established clinicians or investigators and can focus on both basic and clinical science topics.  Residents should not offer to be a SOTA presenter unless they are nearing completion of a body of work related to doctoral (PhD) or post-doctoral work with a specific topic.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR REQUEST:  For 2018, SOTA proposals must fit in any of the following categories:

  • Surgery/Pathology
  • Chemotherapy/Targeted Therapy
  • Radiation Therapy


  • You MUST be a current (2018) VCS member.  Be sure that your 2018 membership is current prior to submitting your request.
  • Submissions will be accepted between April 1st and May 15th by emailing your abstract or brief synopsis to VCS at
  • Your abstract/synopsis must be submitted in a Word document and must be anywhere from 250-400 words.  Be sure to include your name, institution, email address, title, introduction, methods, results and conclusions.  If questions, we may ask you for additional information.
  • State which themed category your presentation best fits.
  • Selection of SOTA speakers will be made in early July.
  • There are a variety of documents, including a contract, that will be required from all those selected to present.
  • Those selected to present one of the four SOTA presentations will receive complimentary conference registration only.  For more information about what is required of SOTA presenters email
  • If your submission is not selected for a SOTA, you still have the opportunity to submit an abstract in the online system to be considered for a 15 minute oral presentation or a poster.  The deadline for abstract submission for one of these two purposes is June 24thSee for details.

If you have questions prior to submitting your SOTA presentation request, email