Resident Review Workshop

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Thursday, October 26th

8:00 am – 12:00 pm

  • VCS member residents:  COMPLIMENTARY
  • Non-member residents:  $35
  • Member or non-member interns, students and technicians:  $35
  • Member or non-member professionals:  $50

Dr. Jayme Looper

Dr. Jayme Looper

Speaker #1:  Dr. Jayme Looper
Louisiana State University
School of Veterinary Medicine

Topic Area: Radiation Oncology: Review of basics and new techniques

This lecture will review radiobiology, radiation physics, and clinical management of veterinary radiation oncology patients. Radiobiology topics will include fractionation schemes, dose response relationships including alpha beta ratio, estimation of biological equivalence between fractionation schemes, radiation side effects, and other topics. Radiation physics will include basic photon, electron, and alternative radiation interactions. We will cover external beam therapy, brachytherapy, plesiotherapy, and alternative techniques. Treatment techniques including manual point dose calculation, 3D conformal planning, Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, Stereotactic Radiotherapy and Image Guided Radiation Therapy will be discussed. Portal dosimetry and on-board imaging will be reviewed. Typical tumor types and response to therapy will be covered including pertinent literature review.




Speaker #2:  Dr. Tony Mutsaers
University of Guelph
Ontario Veterinary College

Topic Area: Angiogenic/metronomic strategies: Principles and practice

This session will focus on clinical approaches to inhibit the growing tumor vasculature, including various targeted drug strategies and the use of metronomic chemotherapy protocols.  Additional mechanisms for low dose metronomic chemotherapy, including immunomodulation and direct anti-cancer effects, will also be presented.  A review of direct and indirect targeting of blood vessel growth, and combination treatment strategies involving anti-angiogenic, metronomic, and conventional oncologic therapy (surgery, radiation, maximum tolerated dose chemotherapy) will be incorporated.  The importance of biomarkers to optimize the application of anti-angiogenic/metronomic therapy will be highlighted and clinical examples reviewed.  Finally, an analysis of veterinary clinical trials will be presented involving a discussion of efficacy, tolerability/toxicity, and drug resistance.