Residency Candidate Roundtables

This event takes place online from November 2-5 and 9-12

Registration opens October 18


Chaired by the Resident Member-at-Large, Dr. Caroline Wood of the University of Minnesota, VCS will host a special event for our Resident attendees and the mentors who are searching for the right fit for their school or clinic.  This event will take place online and registration will open on October 18th.

There is no charge for members or for non-members who attended the 2020 VCS Virtual Annual Conference.  Non-members who didn’t attend the conference may pay $50 to attend.

  • Each participating clinic will host one, one-hour session during the dates of the event
  • Each attendee may sign up for no more than SIX sessions
  • Each session is limited to 24 attendees with a wait list that will be enabled
  • Participating clinics/hospitals will send the invitation to the session by November 1st
  • Registration opens on October 18th and a link for registration will appear on this page.



  • Any VCS MEMBER intern or student, whether they registered for the VCS Annual Conference or not, can sign up free from October 18-25
  • Any NON VCS member intern or student WHO ATTENDED the conference will get a comp code to attend.  Those people should email and ask for the comp code to register
  • Any NON VCS member intern or student who did NOT attend the VCS Annual Conference will pay $50 to attend

If you plan to enter the match or otherwise seek an oncology internship or residency, this session is for you.  Most programs consist of medical oncology training but some will also have radiation oncology programs.

You will be meeting with oncologists from training programs who are mentors and will be seeking a resident to start the following summer, typically.  In any given year, we have approximately 25-30 schools or clinics represented at this session.  Clinics and universities with approved training programs will attend, including a few international programs, and there will be representation by both large and small programs.

Consider what type of residency that you are seeking (academic versus private practice for instance). Think about whether you are interested in basic or clinical research and whether you have any relevant interests or skills to discuss or offer.