Pre-Conference Workshop

The role and impact of multidisciplinary collaboration in consensus documents

Chaired by Dr. Debra Kamstock and Dr. Pamela Jones

Thursday, October 17th

8:30 am – 12:00 pm

No additional fee required.  

This Pre-Conference Workshop will focus on the role of multidisciplinary collaboration and the generation of consensus documents in veterinary oncology.  Work done by members of the VCS/ACVP Oncology Pathology Working Group will be used as the foundation.  There will be a lecture and open discussion on the infrastructure and methodologies in establishing consensus documents as well as two presentations and open discussions on currently established consensus statements to include ICC in Veterinary Oncology and Prognostic and Predictive Significance of KIT/c-kit in Canine Cutaneous MCTs.    


Dr. Doug Thamm

Speaker:  Dr. Doug Thamm (Oncology)
Topic:  Prognostic and predictive significance of KIT protein expression and c-kit gene mutation in canine cutaneous mast cell tumors: A Consensus of the Oncology-Pathology Working Group

Synopsis:  One of the primary objectives of the Oncology Pathology Working Group (OPWG), a joint initiative of the Veterinary Cancer Society and the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, is for oncologists and pathologists to collaboratively generate consensus documents to standardize aspects of and provide guidelines for oncologic pathology. Consensus is established through critical review of peer-reviewed literature relevant to a subgroup’s particular focus.  Subsequent acceptance and approval of the document by the OPWG membership at large establishes consensus.

The intent of this publication is to help educate practitioners and pathologists on the value of diagnostics related to the KIT receptor tyrosine kinase for canine cutaneous mast cell tumours and to provide a guide for the use of these tests in veterinary medicine.




Dr. Debra Kamstock

Speaker:  Dr. Debra Kamstock (Anatomic Pathology)
Topic:  Goals, roles, and infrastructure of establishing multidisciplinary consensus documents




Dr. Heather Priest

Speaker:  Dr. Heather Priest (Clinical Pathology)
Topic: The use and future directions of immunocytochemistry in veterinary oncology: A consensus of the Oncology-Pathology Working Group