Poster Abstracts


An example of two VERTICAL posters hanging side by side. Dimensions should be no taller than 4′ and no wider than 3′.

  • The Poster viewing session will be held on Saturday, October 19th from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • All posters should be hung by 5 pm on Thursday, October 17th.  All posters must be removed by 3:00 pm on Saturday, October 19th.
  • At 10:00 am on Saturday, all RESIDENT poster presenters will provide a less than 2 minute ORAL synopsis of their poster in the main ballroom.  One slide will be accepted to go along with this brief oral presentation and instructions on how to prepare that slide will be sent to all residents in competion approximately one month prior to the conference.
  • All residents must stand with their posters until judging is complete (approximately 5 pm).
  • For questions regarding poster size, see photo above and scroll towards the bottom of the ABSTRACT PAGE.

PresenterAbstract Title
Dr. Diana Sanchez18FDG - PET/CT (positron emission tomography/computed tomography)
in canine mammary gland tumors
Dr. Yuta NishiyamaA laser distance meter and three-dimensional angle sensor
for accurate head position
Dr. Elizabeth BoudreauA preliminary study of the relationship between MRI features
and revised histopathogical classification in canine glioma
Dr. Sarah LaliberteA retrospective comparison of 1st and 2nd opinion histopathology
with patient outcomes in veterinary oncology cases (2011-2019)
Dr. Shirley ChuA virome sequencing approach to feline oral squamous cell carcinoma
to evaluate causative factors
Dr. Emily GouldAcid suppressants alter mast cell structure and viability
Dr. Hiroki YamazakiAssessment of the correlation between immunohistopathological
analysis and therapeutic efficacy on small intestinal lymphoma in dogs
Mr. Hsiang-Sheng WenAssessment of correlation of pathologic response and recurrence-free
interval using intratumoral injection of doxorubicin-eluting microspheres as a neoadjuvant
therapy to surgery
Dr. Olivier KeravelClinical efficacy of TELVET-1, an optimized canine Telomerase
DNA vaccine in dogs with multicentric Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and Oral malignant Melanoma
Dr. Eszter SzendiComparison of drug efflux pump function in canine mast cell
tumor (MCT) and lymphoma
Dr. Ayumi HongoEffectiveness of short-term SQAP with radiation therapy for
oral squamous cell carcinoma in 6 cats
Dr. Elise MartensEfficacy and tolerability of vinblastine substitution in LOPP for
refractory canine lymphoma
Dr. Yuki NemotoEfficacy of lipid emulsion as a contrast medium for retrograde
urography by computed tomography
Dr. Charles BoisclairEvaluation of insulin-like growth factor receptor type 2 (IGF2R)
expression in canine osteosarcoma
Dr. Christopher PinardEvaluation of mitotic count and the impact on survival in dogs
with hemangiosarcoma treated with splenectomy and adjuvant doxorubicin
or mitoxantrone: 61 cases
Dr. Caitlin HeatonEvaluation of toceranib therapy in the treatment of apocrine gland
anal sac adenocarcinoma in dogs
Dr. Katarzyna PurzyckaHistiocytic sarcoma in Miniature Schnauzers: 30 cases
Dr. Sarah BernardInvestigation of the effects of mTOR inhibitors rapamycin and everolimus in
combination with carboplatin on canine malignant melanoma cells.
Dr. Ludmilla BicanovaOutcome comparison of CHOP, LOPP and VELCAP-TSC as first-line
treatment for canine peripheral T-cell lymphoma
Dr. Chelsea del AlcazarOutcome, prognostic factors, and histological characterization of gastrointestinal sarcomas
Dr. Christopher FulkersonPreliminary assessment of client caregiver burden in a veterinary oncology setting
Dr. Benjamin LeePrognostic significance of human lung cancer stage classification applied to canine
primary lung carcinoma and impact of adjuvant chemotherapy
Dr. Shay BrachaProteomic cargo of exosomes secreted by osteosarcoma cell lines and tumor,
can predict carboplatin drug resistance and patient's prognosis
Dr. Sarah BenjaminResponse-based modification of CHOP chemotherapy in canine lymphoma
Mrs. Christina LopesSporadic mutations in the ATM serine/threonine kinase found
in the One Health Company dataset
Dr. Joseph ImpellizeriTel-Evax: A genetic vaccine targeting telomerase for treatment of canine lymphoma
Dr. CN WangThermodynamic energetics for canine cancer detection using philtrum CFDNA
Ms. Erika ZanutoThermographic assessment of canine circumanal glands tumours
Dr. Yu-Chih WangTumor grafts derived from feline with mammary tumor
Dr. Yike BingUse of novel DNA damage response inhibitors to overcome
chemoresistance in feline solid tumors
Dr. Takuya MaruoUsefulness of intraoperative acridine orange photodynamic therapy in reducing the
recurrence rate of intranasal tumor in dogs
Dr. Megan BrownUtility of spleen and liver cytology in staging of canine mast cell tumors