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PresenterAbstract Title
Elise Martens
A retrospective review of chemotherapy-related extravasation events in dogs and cats
Elliana VickersAn in-vitro model for evaluating the immunomodulatory effects of histotripsy ablation for canine osteosarcoma
Shirley ChuBRAF is not commonly mutated in feline bladder transitional cell carcinoma
Kelsey MurphyBystander effects of H-FIRE brain tumor ablation disrupt the blood-brain barrier endothelium via release of tumor-derived extracellular vesicles
Rachel BradyCD206 expression in canine histiocytic sarcoma
Jacqueline Murphy
Characterization of expression and prognostic implications of GD2S and GD3S in canine histiocytic sarcoma
Brittanie PartridgeCharacterization of local and systemic immune responses induced by intracranial delivery of high-frequency irreversible electroporation (HFIRE) in rat and canine glioma models
Heather GardnerCharacterizing the role of H3K36 trimethylation in canine osteosarcoma
Vanessa HaleCharacterizing the urine and fecal microbiome and metabolome of dogs with urothelial carcinoma
Ruhcha SutavaniDeveloping a canine anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody for treatment of canine B-cell lymphoma
Manisha WarrierDevelopment and validation procedures for improving SearchLight DNA, a canine cancer genomic diagnostic panel
Namiko IkedaDevelopment of microRNA panels for the liquid biopsy of five types of canine cancers
Jane HowardDifferential miRNA expression and identification of cancer targets in feline mammary adenocarcinoma
Kimberly SeltingEffect of dose rate on transcription of immunologic mediators in irradiated canine osteosarcoma and melanoma cells
Ayano KudoEvaluating the interaction between canine cancer-associated fibroblasts and CD8+T cells via CXCL12-CXCR4 axis
Gunha HwangEvaluation of suitable reference genes for gene expression analysis in irradiated canine dermal tissue
Yoshimi Iwaki
Evaluation of synergistic cytotoxic effect of zoledronate and chemotherapeutic agents in canine osteosarcoma cells
McKaela HodgeExosomes promote tumor heterogeneity to mediate chemotherapy drug resistance
Christopher Robinson
Expression of macrophage colony stimulating factor (M-CSF) and IL-34 in canine osteosarcoma
Chad JohannesExpression of prostaglandin EP4 receptor mRNA in feline oral squamous cell carcinoma
Julia EngelienGastrointestinal stromal tumors in 79 canine patients: a retrospective study comparing surgical and chemotherapeutic approaches to treatment
Kathleen TietjeHemangiosarcoma in the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study Cohort: Morris Animal Foundation's Grand Challenge
Alejandra Tellez-Silva
High Frequency Irreversible Electroporation (H-FIRE) of canine hepatocellular carcinoma results in immediate quantitative and qualitative changes in peripheral blood circulating extracellular vesicles
Ilona HolcombIdentification of novel predictive biomarkers of anticancer drug responses in canine B-Cell lymphoma using targeted NGS
Jeffrey BryanIn vivo click chemistry can target radioactivity to tumor lesions
Janice ViaryInhibition of cellular glutamate efflux as a novel strategy to curb canine hemangiosarcoma proliferation and survival
Carlos Eduardo Fonseca-AlvesLapatinib antitumor effect on canine mammary carcinoma cells according to its HER-2 expression
Ashley Phelps-DunnLiquid biopsy for the evaluation of canine mast cell tumors based on extent of disease
Alexandra Zierenberg Ripoll
Lomustine (CCNU) use in dogs with oral malignant melanoma
Ilektra AthanasiadiMagnetic resonance imaging for optimizing gross tumor volume delineation in canine soft tissue sarcomas
Kristina Anderson
Mast cell tumor prognostic factors in 90 dogs treated with surgery and vinblastine chemotherapy
Dawn ClarkeMeasurement of circulating regulatory T cells (Tregs) in cancer-bearing dogs and healthy matched controls in whole blood samples
Samantha SchlemmerMolecular characterization of canine thyroid carcinomas
Esther ChonMutation landscape and clinical actionability in canine melanoma
Daniel MidkiffNon-invasive cancer detection in canine urine through C. elegans chemotaxis
Zunaira ShoaibOsteosarcoma cancer stem cell-like (CSC) populations are maintained in niches mechanically and structurally distinct within the bone tumor microenvironment
Sachie KusakaPharmacological investigation based on ex vivo imaging of the boron-uptake in rat brain tumor model for boron neutron capture therapy
Ester Yang
Pilot study of partial ablation using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) in feline soft tissue sarcomas
Ada Naramor
Pre-clinical validation study of a novel, modular whole body immobilization device for companion animals
Jason Strasberg
Prolonged steroid use may be medically unnecessary for many dogs undergoing brain tumor irradiation
Garett HarveyRecurrent PDGFRβ mutations in splenic stromal sarcoma suggest potential role for TKIs
Ashley Parker
Retrospective evaluation of large granular lymphocyte (LGL) lymphoma in dogs
Molly Gasparini
Retrospective investigation of the correlation between clinical cause of death and necropsy cause of death due to malignant neoplasia in a tertiary academic hospital population
Lucas RodriguesTargeted therapy guided by genomics to treat dogs with histiocytic sarcoma: Preliminary data
Paola ModestoThe co-administration of fluoroquinolones strongly increases the anticancer efficacy of carboplatin treatment: Novel insights for breast cancer chemotherapy by the canine mammary tumor model
Matheus Moreno Passos BarbosaThe role of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase 1 and transforming growth factor-beta-1 in rebound immune suppression following chemotherapy in osteosarcoma
Saige MargolinTreatment with aadjuvant vinblastine for hemangiosarcoma in dogs: Retrospective study of 21 cases (2019 - 2022)