Poster Abstracts


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PresenterAbstract Title
Dr. Kimberly Alexander
Engineering control in veterinary oncology: Survey of board certified oncologists and environmental surveillance in hospitals regularly administering chemotherapy
Dr. Hajime AsadaA 2-base insertion mutation of TP53 gene and its intratumor heterogeneity in canine histiocytic sarcoma
Luigi Aurisicchio, PhD
P09 Tel-eVax™: A genetic vaccine targeting telomerase for treatment of canine malignant lymphoma using Vet-ePorator®
Dr. Anne AveryA novel T cell leukemia in young english bulldogs
Dr. Laura Barrett
Retrospective evaluation of distal appendicular osteosarcoma in dogs
Dr. Esther ChonSimultaneous alteration of the canonical and non-canonical Wnt pathways results in a less aggressive phenotype in canine melanoma
Dr. Jeff BryanManipulating cellular glycosylation to enhance therapeutic autologous vaccine efficacy for oral melanoma in dogs
Dr. Shirley ChuUnravelling the chaotic genomic landscape of canine osteosarcoma with current sequencing technologies and bioinformatic approaches
Ms. Abigail CrownshawOutcomes of dogs with incompletely excised high grade soft tissue sarcomas treated with radiation therapy and chemotherapy
Dr. Erin DickersonDisrupting metabolic symbiosis reduces tumor cell viability and inhibits tumor growth of feline oral squamous cell carcinoma
Dr. Matthew DowlingCharacterizing the preferential expression of two putative targetable surface markers, PSMA and TEM8, in canine hemangiosarcoma
Ms. Elizabeth DunfieldA survey of stereotactic radiation therapy in veterinary medicine
Dr. Anna Luiza Facchetti Vinahaes AssumpcaoEstablishment and characterization of canine lymphoma mouse xenograft model for preclinical anti-cancer therapeutic evaluations
Dr. Joelle FengerCharacterization of exosome miR-9 expression in canine osteosarcoma
Dr. Ricardo FernandezComparison of two melphalan protocols and evaluation of outcome and prognostic factors in canine multiple myeloma
Dr. Brian FlesnerDetecting circulating tumor DNA in canine mast cell tumors
Dr. Yashuhino FukuyamaReusable acrylic cylinder for head fixation during radiotherapy: A pilot study
Dr. Annie GallowayMetastatic behavior of canine intransal osteosarcoma
Dr. Briana HallmanIncidence and risk factors associated with the development of symptomatic cardiotoxicity in dogs receiving doxorubicin
Dr. Camille HanotPredicting outcome of definitive radiation therapy for feline sinonasal lymphoma; Which is more important chemotherapy or staging?
Dr. Lauren HarrisGene expression profiling identifies oncogenic pathways upregulated in canine CD4+ T-cell lymphoma and molecular homology to an aggressive subset of human peripheral T-cell lymphoma-not otherwise specified
Dr. Carolyn HenryAssessment of the BET inhibitor, ARV-825, for targeting human and canine transitional cell carcinoma – a One Health approach
Dr. Masaya IgaseeeOncolytic virotherapy for canine histiocytic sarcoma cells by reovirus
Dr. Olivier KeravelImmunogenicity of a DNA vaccine encoding the canine TERT in naïve Beagle dogs
Dr. Sangho KimComparison of three mobilization protocols for peripheral blood stem cell apheresis with Spectra Optia® in healthy dogs
Dr. Changseok KimEffect of Rapamycin on irradiated canine cancer cells in vitro
Mr. Kohei KinameDetection of tumor specific expression of podoplanin by PMab-38 in various tumors
Dr. Wilfred LeungEnhancing the efficacy of genotoxic chemotherapy for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs and humans
Mr. Tony Liangde novo Canine CD20 antibody generation
Dr. Alexis LivaccariFenretinide causes apoptosis and increases expression of GD3 in canine osteosarcoma cell lines
Dr. Jennie MatherDevelopment of antibody based therapeutics for canine melanoma
Dr. Angela McCleary-WheelerThe effect of EZH2 inhibition in canine diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
Dr. Samanta MeloTime-assessed infra-red thermal characterization of canine cutaneous mast cell tumors (cMCT) treated intratumorally with the investigational anticancer agent EBC-46 (tigilanol tiglate)
Dr. Jonathan NycePilot study of G6PD inhibition in canine cardiac hemangiosarcoma
Mr. Kotoko OgawaA gene expression scoring system to predict chemotherapy resistance using novel drug resistance factors in canine lymphoma
Mrs. Ashley ParkerMechanisms of P-cadherin dependent anti-apoptotic signaling in chemoresistance of dysplastic oral keratinocytes
Dr. Lisa ParshleyNanoparticle and laser thermal ablation in canine low grade mast cell tumors
Dr. Brittanie PartridgeEffect of caspase-3 targeted therapy in canine histiocytic sarcoma cells
Dr. Valerie PoirierDo dogs need lower eyelid?
Dr. Kendra PopeSafety and dosing of intravenous ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in tumor-bearing animals
Dr. Rochelle PrudicProteinuria in canine cancer patients
Dr. Emily RoutUnique features of immunoglobulin gene mutation status and gene expression in Boxers with B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Dr. Carl RubyProximity to osteosarcoma tumors alters bone marrow T cell frequency and phenotypes
Mr. Tariq ShahMulti-center evaluation of the canine lymphoma blood test as a predictor of chemotherapy failures
Dr. Sabina Sheppard-OlivaresTolerance of adoptive T cell therapy in dogs with B cell lymphoma
Ms. Alexa StephenThe effects of the synthetic retinoid fenretinide on two feline oral squamous cell carcinoma cell lines
Dr. Tomoko TakahashiNovel cancer therapy with RadioGel (TM)
Dr. Isabelle TancioniIdentification and characterization of the claudin-low subtype in canine mammary tumors
Dr. Lark WaltersExpression of receptor tyrosine kinase targets PDGFR-β, VEGFR2, and KIT in canine transitional cell carcinoma
Dr. Amber Wolf-RingwallEvaluation of adverse events and quality of life in pets receiving chemotherapy assessed by owner questionnaire
Dr. Carrissa WoodThe use of radiation therapy for the treatment of small and intermediate cell alimentary lymphoma in cats: A new approach to an old disease
Dr. Paul WoodsRNA disruption indicates CHOP therapy efficacy in canine lymphoma