Loved by

The Martin Family

Onny came into our lives 7 1/2 years ago. He wobbled away from the rest of the liter & rested on my feet. I fell in love from that very moment. Right then and there he became my very best friend. Our family has never thought of him as a family pet. He was so much more than that to us. He was a son, a brother, and our best friend. He has gotten us all through a lot of lows in our lives. Onny was so smart even as a puppy. He knew how to wake you up by tapping you with his paw or if all else failed, he would lay on you. He knew how to get extra treats by going to each family member separately. He loved to get a new toy every few days even though he would destroy them as soon as he got them. Onny taught us the true meaning of unconditional love. Words don’t even begin to explain the deep love we have for Onny. We never let the thought cross our minds that one day he would pass away. That would cause unbreakable pain and sorrow to my family and I. Our world came to a halt a few months ago when his limping led to bone cancer diagnosis. After 3 specialists confirmed he had bone cancer, our world as we knew it fell apart. Onny was prayed for not only by his family, but by many others as well. We prayed more than we ever prayed for in our lives for a miracle. Onny fought hard over the next few weeks, but on December 26, 2021, he passed away in my arms. His passing was the hardest and the most hurtful experience we have all gone through. Our souls have completely been shattered and changed forever. Some say as the time goes by the pain and emptiness will get better, but this is not the case for our family. When he came into our lives, he changed our lives forever and now his death has done the same. I light a candle each night by his urn and I will forever do so. Onny will forever be deeply loved and truly missed.

RIP, Onny.